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Walking with the San

Walking with the San

The San are the indigenous people of Southern Africa, calling it their home for tens of thousands of years. Largely hunter-gatherers, their territories spanning across the vast expanse of wild, untouched African nature. The tribes are well-known for their profound connection with their land, their intimate knowledge of the natural world, and the delicate balance they have maintained for millennia with the environment.

It fills me with excitement and gratitude, that I can spend a week at the end of May, walking with them in the Kalahari. The Kalahari Desert in Botswana, has been described in many ways, but for me what it depicts is untouched desert beauty, solitude with sky around one as far as the eye can see.
The above sounds like from a book or movie, and it’s hard to comprehend, that in 2017, the Western way of life has almost but engulfed the way of the Bushmen, like many other indigenous tribes. Indigenous cultures are diminishing as rapid as our wildlife and…

Horse Time # 1

'Horse Time'
When the young women from the Sisters of the Wilderness project arrived, I hadn't decided on an approach or structure yet. To be honest, it was worrying me slightly, though I made a conscious decision to believe in the process and that clarity on the subject matter was going to come at the right time. Of course the intention of the horses and my work, is to bring awareness and growth to the women's lives, bringing nature and wilderness closer to them, in a spiritual as much as in a physical way. For a while now I am believing more and more, that the horses are building bridges connecting us humans to ourselves, nature and those around us (both 2 and 4 legged), and their inapt ability to sense into the most inner parts of ourselves never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Horses pick you up, where you are at, a true blessing! Within the first few moments of meeting, the theme for the time with the Sisters of the Wilderness emerged. Our time in the presence of …

Words from a stranger

Sometimes, unexpected wise words from a complete stranger are the most powerful and can make you change your life. A few weeks ago I wrote this post on Instagram:

<< I was approaching a little shop and as I walked up to the counter, I could see that the salesman wasn't in a happy mood... so I gently asked him what was wrong ... he hadn't been sleeping, and it's a long shift over 12 hours and he's tired today he said ... somehow I wanted to uplift his mood and help make him feel better ... so I said to him "just think of the time when you back home and you can rest and the day will pass by in no time." He looked me straight in the eye and the profoundness of his words struck me when he said: "No Mam, there is just one thing I have to do, and that is to CHOOSE to be OK and then I am going to be fine again..". >>

Happiness is a choice, being of use and purpose is a choice ... Each and everyone of us is responsible for our own happiness. But…