Horse Time # 1

'Horse Time'

When the young women from the Sisters of the Wilderness project arrived, I hadn't decided on an approach or structure yet. To be honest, it was worrying me slightly, though I made a conscious decision to believe in the process and that clarity on the subject matter was going to come at the right time. Of course the intention of the horses and my work, is to bring awareness and growth to the women's lives, bringing nature and wilderness closer to them, in a spiritual as much as in a physical way. For a while now I am believing more and more, that the horses are building bridges connecting us humans to ourselves, nature and those around us (both 2 and 4 legged), and their inapt ability to sense into the most inner parts of ourselves never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Horses pick you up, where you are at, a true blessing! Within the first few moments of meeting, the theme for the time with the Sisters of the Wilderness emerged. Our time in the presence of the horses and in nature together, would be focused on the meaning and value of family. Nelson Mandela's words "stable home, stable country" more than once came to mind. He strongly believed, that stable families are an integral part in making South Africa the great country it has all the potential for.
An essence of anxiety, the unknown and fear of the 'huge' animal was sense-able in the group, but the horses responded gently, respecting space boundaries with love and understanding. Initial interactions with them from a distance incorporating mental thought and process exercises, stimulated and opened up family challenges and pain as well as gratitude and hopes.
When everyone, the participants, the horses including myself, were ready for more we initiated the next step of touching, smelling and closeness. Each woman shared intimate moments of personal growth, overcoming fear and the feeling of warmth and love with various horses. All five of the women hadn't experienced the gifts horses bring up close and the potential processes developing from an interaction.
Special moments of personal development, creating compassion for an animal and the realization of the interconnectedness of all things on earth was shared by all.
As part of the reflection, each woman wrote a story inspired through our time together, which wasn't necessarily about horses directly. The stories form part of my 'Stories to empower' initiative, which in brief is about opening an avenue of personal development, growth, empowerment, therapy and healing. Watch this space for more! 


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