Words from a stranger

Sometimes, unexpected wise words from a complete stranger are the most powerful and can make you change your life. A few weeks ago I wrote this post on Instagram:

<< I was approaching a little shop and as I walked up to the counter, I could see that the salesman wasn't in a happy mood... so I gently asked him what was wrong ... he hadn't been sleeping, and it's a long shift over 12 hours and he's tired today he said ... somehow I wanted to uplift his mood and help make him feel better ... so I said to him "just think of the time when you back home and you can rest and the day will pass by in no time." He looked me straight in the eye and the profoundness of his words struck me when he said: "No Mam, there is just one thing I have to do, and that is to CHOOSE to be OK and then I am going to be fine again..". >>

Happiness is a choice, being of use and purpose is a choice ... Each and everyone of us is responsible for our own happiness. But to know that we have choices is something that needs to be taught from the beginning. At school, one feels powerless and that others (adults) make decisions for us. That may be the case for certain choices, for example whether to go to school or not, what food you should be eating or not, etc. Having said all that, the choice of happiness is yours! The choice of whether to care for the environment, nature and wildlife is yours! What your passion and purpose in life is going to be is yours too! Choose it .. every day!


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